Hurly-Burly Pirates: Idle RPG

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 우당탕탕 해적단: 방치형 RPG (by Sponge Mobile)

“Jenny Silver’s adventure to become the pirate king!”
Recruit various pirate companions and go on an adventure together.
Create your own legend with the automatically growing Jenny Silver Pirates.

Game Features

Infinite growth to become the pirate king!
Defeat countless powerful enemies, acquire treasures through various adventures, and grow the Jenny Silver Pirates beyond their limits one step at a time.

우당탕탕 해적단: 방치형 RPG

Colleagues full of personality!
Collect cute and charming dot fellow characters that will help you in battle and adventure, and go on an adventure to the sea together.

우당탕탕 해적단: 방치형 RPG

A different adventure!
Choose the difficulty level you want and experience a variety of adventures, such as destroying reefs blocking pirate ships or defeating natives on the frontier.

우당탕탕 해적단: 방치형 RPG

Powerful skills and shiny artifacts!
Combine various colorful skills in your own way to overcome difficulties and acquire shining artifacts.

우당탕탕 해적단: 방치형 RPG

The Age of Pirates! Gather pirates with your friends!
Invite up to 5 friends to defeat powerful bosses together and become the pirate king.

The best idle RPG game “”Crazy Pirates””
Get started right now!

Available: Google Play / App Store – Korean

우당탕탕 해적단: 방치형 RPG

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