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Hyper Cell Defense

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Hyper Cell Defense

The viruses are coming! Use your white cells to fend off all kinds of evil viruses! And don’t worry, you are not alone – Place turrets, throw bombs, call a nanobot, and use many other power ups that will help you defeating every last enemy in this exciting arcade shooter game, with some tower defense elements included.

Hyper Cell Defense
Hyper Cell Defense
Hyper Cell Defense
Hyper Cell Defense

*70+ levels of exciting and challenging gameplay
*30+ Powerups to help you use different strategies to beat a level
*Permanent upgrades using the Lab

*Unique enemies and Bossfights
*Endless mode with global leaderboard and achievements
*Three difficulty levels if you prefer a bigger challenge
*Free to play with no intrusive ads!

Don’t let the virus get the best of you, let’s fight back!

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