HyperKingdom – EN

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of HyperKingdom (by SPACEHOLDER INC.)

Another World SRPG
“Hyper-Kingdom” The siege of fate begins under your command.

When I opened my eyes, I saw this world for the first time.
The new world unfolding before my eyes was out of balance.

Bewildered, “Erica”, the administrator and goddess of another world, appears in front of you and starts with a special offer you can`t refuse to return to the real world…

Strategies start with a cold head
-. Deploy the creature to win the siege!
-. Three routes, careful choices determine the outcome.
-. Dominate “Mid turret” to win the battlefield.


A master of battle with clear concept, the Creature
– Don`t be deceived by the cute creature`s appearance!
– Creature will become your best partner when the battle begins.
– All creatures from adorable cats to dragons are ready to join the battle.


Go on an adventure in the cracks of space-time!
– Go on an adventure and get required materials to grow your creatures.
– Your friend can help you out when you are having a hard time alone -!
– You can overcome and clear difficult battles by using items.


Endless challenges and expeditions
– A ruthless battle with the creatures of other commanders will begin.
– Homework must be done! Prepare for battle in daily dungeons!
– A little more stylish! Get your special gear on an expedition adventure!


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