I Love Pandonia – P2E

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of I Love Pandonia (by PanFriends.Inc)

Super casual global SNG full of romance and adventures
The casual simulation game that combines city management with social and trade activities!
Create your own city in “I Love Pandonia”.

Ships and trade
– Explore the continent of Pandonia with fifty different styles of ships.
– Get rich by selling trade goods produced in your own city at the highest price!
– You can defeat the scary pirates you encounter sailing and acquire various goods.

I Love Pandonia - P2E

Social system
– Friendships built through cooperation with in-game friends! My growing city!
– Visit a friend’s city to present gifts and grow together.

I Love Pandonia - P2E

City system
– Produce trade products and create your own specialized items.
-Build a city in your own style with a variety of buildings and decorations!

I Love Pandonia - P2E

Diversified and special events
– Enjoy unique events in ‘I Love Pandonia.’
– Compete for a higher ranking and get rewards by trading with other cities!

Official website https://ilovepandonia.io/en/#_Home

I Love Pandonia - P2E

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