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Icarus Eternal (Kr)


💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Icarus Eternal (by LINE Games)

New battlefield, new pleasure, step on it all from now on!
Another war under the sky, Icarus Eternal

Icarus Eternal

Another Icarus that will give you new pleasure
Meet a variety of cool Icarus heroes again!
Experience a new battlefield with the original heroes!

Icarus Eternal

New concept MMORPG made by ruins
New content and relics that did not exist in the existing MMORPG add joy!
Unlock the secrets of adventure-filled ruins, and get the fun and rewards of operation at once!

Icarus Eternal

Strategic battles using attributes and matches
Each Guardian’s attributes and characteristics make a wide variety of battle results!
Attack the other’s weaknesses and feel the pleasure of a thrilling counterattack!

Icarus Eternal

Various appearance changes and ability UP through Guardians, Pets, and Fellows!
A total of 600 Guardians, Fellows, and Pets await your adventure!
Sometimes cool! Sometimes cute! Collect to your liking and challenge your growth limits!

Icarus Eternal

An integrated exchange that can trade with all servers
There is no equipment you don’t need anymore with free transactions with all servers!
Trade the strongest equipment and experience the fun of deuktem!

Extreme PK where only the strongest gets everything!
A fierce combat system that constantly competes for one place!
Experience the pleasure of victory with more fierce field PvP battles!

Official website https://ie-kr.floor.line.games/

Icarus Eternal
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