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Idle Barbarian

Early Access(Test)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Idle Barbarian (by Gamecafe)

Real idle game with AI auto-battle support;
Switch between manual operation and AFK;
Collect legendary equipment by AFK. Challenge epic bosses manually.

Idle Barbarian
Idle Barbarian

Equipment Collection
Hundreds of weapons, shields, armors, helmets and scapulars, will be achieved by dungeon battle. Collecting suits can greatly enhance the hero’s combat power.
Collect different materials to build various mounts. DIY steam tank or mechanical dragon. Ride a mount to conquer RPG world.

Idle Barbarian
Idle Barbarian

Team dungeon
Team up with players from different countries. Different heroes get together to challenge the world boss. Let the hero be strong with the team.

Idle Barbarian
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