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Idle Bounty Adventures

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Idle Bounty Adventures (by Post Physical)

Gather your forces and venture forth into a brand new Idle RPG adventure.

• RPG Exploration
– Freely explore the mysterious island and uncover its secrets.
– Challenge a huge variety of dangerous foes.
– Scavenge ancient ruins to find powerful artifacts and precious loot.

Idle Bounty Adventures

• Collect resources and grow your power
– Find willing adventurers and hire new units to build up your army.
– Persuade enemy units to join your army.
– Increase your capability by numerous ways: from an Idle relaxation to a non-stop clicker action.

Idle Bounty Adventures

• Strategy
– Assemble an army that suits your play style.
– Become a master tactician by utilizing unit formations!
– Adapt your strategy to new challenges.

• Idle gameplay
– No need to be constantly present, since your troops know how to handle themselves.
– Direct your units to gather resources while you are away.
– Choose your own game pace.

Idle Bounty Adventures

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