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Idle Defense II : Garden War

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The description of Idle Defense II : Garden War

Idle Defense II: Garden War is a casual and adventure game. Here you can create the plant towers with your mysterious energy and need to defeat the monsters who want to take your food away.


Idle Defense II : Garden War

“The magician who has been away from home to guard the forest has not paid attention to the situation at home for a long time.
What he didn’t expect was that the monsters hiding in the dark were salivating over the tempting food in the garden, just about to move.

Idle Defense II : Garden War

There was not much time left for him, the monsters approaching the garden.
But this time he needs more demons and towers to protect the backyard and forest at the same time…”

Idle Defense II : Garden War

Game Features

·Unique towers design
·Merge to make towers more powerful
·Various evolution change
·Assistant battle system
·Technology Skill Learning

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Idle Defense II : Garden War

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