Idle Earth-Rebuild the Planet

Official Launch (SEA) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Earth-Rebuild the Planet (by SOFISH GAME)

Welcome to Idle Earth! A casual simulation game! Be careful, this game is too fun to stop playing! Junkman, are you ready?

A war destroyed human civilization.
Fortunately, a piece of clean land of human civilization was sent to space.
In this uncultivated land, mankind has to start from scratch.
You can collect resources from the ruins of the Earth to develop yourself.
This is how the story begins on this clean land.

– Urban Planning –
Your planet, your choice. Develop a Clan, build house, build a city, a lot of lands are waiting for you to develop. Open your mind and get started!

Idle Earth-Rebuild the Planet

– Occupation Assignment –
Not enough people? Then recruit citizens to unlock more professions such as farmers, workers, scientists, adventurers, etc. You can assign them!

Idle Earth-Rebuild the Planet

– Research & Development –
Research technology to accelerate the development of civilization. Economy and culture are indispensable!

Idle Earth-Rebuild the Planet

– Earth Exploration –
Take a spacecraft to visit the Earth, collect resources, and you may be able to pick up the materials needed for the development of new lands. However, you may encounter the big boss there!

Idle Earth-Rebuild the Planet

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