Idle Electro Mage: Item frenzy

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English

The description of Idle Electro Mage: Item frenzy (by 노바코어)

Electro_Mage’ is a graduate of a magic school and has an incredible magical power.

She’s invested in electrical magic that burns her enemies to the bone… BZZZT!
She calls herself ‘The #Electro_Mage of Sizzling Lightning Attacks.’

She manages to make her powerful colleagues yield to her power
and then sets off on a journey to destroy Devildom and find more formidable opponents.

Join the #Electro_Mage and conquer Devildom together!

Game Features

[Various Skills]
There are many skills, and they’re all useful!
There’s no need to pick your skills! Just learn and use them automatically!

Idle Electro Mage: Item frenzy

[Online/Offline Idle Gameplay]
Electric Mage fights in battles and grows even when you’re offline!

Idle Electro Mage: Item frenzy

[Conquer, Massacre, Raid]
Let’s conquer Devildom, massacre demons, raid enemy land,
and compete with other players!

Idle Electro Mage: Item frenzy

[Forum and Ranking]
Talk with other players if you need a buddy to play with!
Check your ranking to see how far you’ve come!

Sizzling hot idle RPG!
Train #Electro_Mage through shocking and amazing adventures!
Idle Electro Mage – Item frenzy!

Idle Electro Mage: Item frenzy

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