Idle Immortal

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The description of Idle Immortal:Tower Defense (by game.sanguo)

Idle Immortal:Tower Defense is a tower defense game based on Chinese classical mythology with an extremely beautiful 3D Chinese Cartoon style! Various tower defense gameplay and 7v7 turn-based battles allow you to design your own strategy. Try to become a legendary cultivator with the help of Spirit Pearls & Magic Pills! Summon immortals, team up with your partners from the three worlds and battle the fearsome Demons! Embark on the mysterious immortal journey now!

Idle Immortal

Meet the heroes from Chinese classical myths! Erlang, Monkey King, Nezha, and other adorable heroes will lend you a hand on your path to immortality.
Recreate the myths with your own hands! The extremely beautiful in-game scenery and exciting visual effects will show you a magnificent world of immortal cultivation.

Idle Immortal

Towers? No! Heroes! Tired of those metal stuff? Now stomp your enemies with your own flesh and blood!
Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. Learn all about your enemies on every stage, adjust your formation and play the best strategy!

Idle Immortal

Evolve from the Mortal World to the Immortal World! Dungeons, Arena, Boss Challenge… Tons of contents, tons of rewards! Have fun all day long! Take the equipment, Vessouls and other treasures that belongs to you and pave a way to spiritual ascension.
Unlock heroes by summoning or collecting fragments of heroes. Strengthen your heroes through Upgrade, Evolution, Cultivation, Immortalization, Ascension and etc. Just make your choice and discover the destiny of your favorite hero!

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