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Idle League: Rise of Gods

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The description of Idle League: Rise of Gods

Simple description: A Nordic saga that you can experience any time, anywhere!

Summary: Enjoy a fun card game RPG based on Norse mythology, and claim your place among the gods!

Build your own squad of legendary heroes
Zeus, Apollo, Athena…the 6 factions each feature well-known mythological heroes, presented with a brand-new style and in-game lore. Hero rapport, race advantage, formations and soldier retinues give you countless options for collecting, training and playing with your heroes!

Idle League: Rise of Gods

Simple and fun gameplay
Enjoy fun and simple gameplay free from complicated mechanics, with hero skills cast automatically, and the ability to earn Gold, EXP and gear while offline. It’s a game, not a job!

Idle League: Rise of Gods

Challenging rogue-like mechanics
Say goodbye to boring, repetitive stages. Experience Assembly that integrate rogue-like elements, and the highly strategic gameplay of Hallway of Memories. Every decision matters, determining whether you return rich and famous – or never return.

Idle League: Rise of Gods

No resources? No problem!
Hall of Resonance gives you a brand new way to improve your heroes. Focus on improving 6 heroes and have your other heroes inherit their Power. Never start from scratch; jump into the fray, and join the gods in the battle for the multiverse! Innovative gathering and training mechanics deliver a brand new experience with each level and rank gained.

Compete against players around the world
The more the merrier! Challenge other adventurers from around the world in the Arena, and climb the rankings for rewards and bragging rights!

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Idle League: Rise of Gods
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