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Idle Mafia Boss Cosa Nostra

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The description of Idle Mafia Boss Cosa Nostra

Build your own mafia empire and rise to Idle Mafia Boss.

Idle Mafia Boss Cosa Nostra

Face exciting challenges to earn as much money as possible.
Expand your ‘business’, manage your mafia organisation and become rich.
Build an empire, control your business interests and earn Idle Cash. Even when your’e offline!

Idle Mafia Boss Cosa Nostra


Expand your mafia organisation and automate your business activities.
Continue to earn Idle cash – even when you are not playing.
Invest in new, lucrative opportunities to boost your income.
Hire managers and streamline operations to maximize your profits
Gain control of increasingly profitable businesses
Prestige feature
No active internet connection required

Idle Mafia Boss Cosa Nostra
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