Idle Mafia

Official Launch+Apk

The harshest and most realistic mafia game in the world!

Manage the criminal business, collect talented capos obedient to your every word, and occupy new territories at any cost.

Idle Mafia

“Do what you want: take protection fees, rob anyone, fight on the streets … Be a supportive leader or merciless authority.” It’s up to you to decide what you steal from!

Idle Mafia

Earn mountains of money: lead a casino, set up a club for gentlemen, create a studio for adult films! To mafia things went smoothly, you need cash;

Turn an unknown little gang into an international criminal syndicate: robberies, abductions – only you set the limits;

Idle Mafia

Expand your territory: occupy streets and cities to build your own mafia empire. Destroy all who dare to stand in your way, and recruit loyal supporters;

Collect capo: odious criminals from around the world with special talents that put them one step higher than others. Become a force to be reckoned with with the help of an army of ninja robots or ruthless accountants!

Idle Mafia

Fixed income: you are the boss here, so relax while your henchmen do all the dirty work. In the end, a crime is hidden behind every successfully earned fortune!

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