Idle Mania


Official Launch

The first 3D Poly Idle mobile game!With 6 camps and more than 150 heroes,we can create a new low-poly fun world. Free your hands and have fun in Idle Mania!

24H fighting and levelling automatically!
Free your hands. Say No to the complicated controlling and gestures!
24H treasure hunting automatically, just collect all the spoils of war when you wake up.
No more time-wasting, endless grinding. You can use other apps and let your heroes do their jobs.
Ubiquitous and constant fun, even when you are away from your mobile phone, in a meeting, or sleeping.

Idle Mania

A army of 150 heroes, worthy of your collection.
Low-poly is the new trend in the 3D world. Experience the first 3D poly idle mobile game! Discover the fantastic heroes, including Pumpkin Acrcher, Ghost Warrior, Goblin Bomber, and Angel Guard.

Strategic thinking, use your wisdom for the victory:
6 factions, including order, chaos, life, savage, civilians, and undead, will test your team!
Idling does not mean playing without strategy, combat ability is always the key to success.
Collect character cards, select team members, and build up your best lineup.

Idle Mania

Global Rank, compete with players all over the world
The game opens up a variety of Rank points modes for challenging,including 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Climb the ladder of leaderboard to become the king of competition!

Idle Mania

Faced with imminent chaotic invasion, the order is about to collapse. Players will federate with the epic heroes of the six factions and work together in solidarity with players around the world. You can create a new balance between order and chaos and become the champion!
The adventure begins at this moment!Enjoy infinite fun of AFK RPG together! Challenge yourself with players from all over the world in Idle Mania!


March 15, 2020
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Number of installations
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Android version required
4.4 and higher

Idle Mania Gameplay Android | New Mobile Game
Categories:Role Playing – idle
Status: Official Launch
Idle Mania Gameplay Android | New Mobile Game
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