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Idle Master

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Master (by Loongcheer Game)

Business Simulation Idle Game of Wuxia(Martial) world in Traditional Painting Style

Travel to Jianghu, you play the young master of alliance and firmly rooted in protecting your alliance and rescuing your missing Father. Immerse yourself in the Wuxia world of Idle Master. Manage Sects and make proper use of Wuxia heroes to be a real alliance leader. Start your Wuxia adventure.

– Grow from a young master into an alliance leader. Explore more cities and unlock more Sect buildings.
– Collect and develop Heroes. Famous Wuxia heroes with different abilities. Deploy and lead them to conquer the Wuxia World.
– Automate Sect buildings (Kunlun Sect, Tang Men Sect, Shaolin Monastery Sect…) to make money while you sleep!
– Idle Cash. You are the master here. Sit back and enjoy your heroes handle all the Sects work.
– Multiple Idle Gameplays get more resources.
– Try Your Luck. More fun gameplays awaits you to play. Board game and lucky egg.
– PVP Battle! Ranking in the top!
– Unique Jin Yong plots. If you are a Jin Yong fan, don’t miss it.

Idle Master
Idle Master
Idle Master
Idle Master

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Idle Master
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