Idle Nightmares

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Nightmares (by Fyre Studios)

Idle Nightmares is an idle game where you must get enough sanity to progress and defeat your worst nightmares.

Get lots of achievements, skills and upgrades. Listen to unique soundtracks and diverse scenarios with a satisfactory progression system.

Start your journey
– Name your imaginary friend.
– Write the story in your journal.
– Survive a long nightmare!

Idle Nightmares

– Face unique monsters!
– Evolve to be able to overcome your nightmares.
– Strategically choose the right upgrades to beat each challenge.

Idle Nightmares

Incremental mechanics
– Purchase upgrades to improve per-tap gain.
– Automate your earnings.
– Bravery and Awakening System.
– Different levels of upgrades.
– Unlock new worlds.
– Collect random boosts.
– Extensive skill tree.

A game for all lovers of simulation, incremental clicks and idle RPG genres. Write your story inside this endless nightmare and face the worst monsters in Idle Nightmares.

Idle Nightmares

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