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Idle Royal Hero – Official iOS

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Idle Royal Hero: Merge Defense (by BARS interactive)

IDLE ROYAL HERO – let’s present you the opportunity to lead a lone rider through an epic, long and dangerous path. Demonstrate your own skills as a skilled commander who, with the help of his tactical ingenuity, will be able to correctly compose an escort for the hero, choose the necessary upgrades and apply powerful skills in time. This game will show you the defensive idler genre from a completely new perspective.


You have to protect the main horseman with all available means. From the formation of an escort escort, to the use of skills.

Idle Royal Hero: Merge Defense


An exciting epic adventure that will always be dynamic. Crowds of dangerous monsters will meet on the way.


Create your rider company with a variety of units. Upgrade, move, unite the soldiers of your accompanying escort for the greatest efficiency. Only a true commander will be able to manage the available resources to complete this epic adventure.

Idle Royal Hero: Merge Defense


Dozens of different upgrades are at your disposal, as much as your eyes run wide. What would you upgrade first?


Choose a flag and emblem for your knight. Change the color of the clothes of the accompanying guards.

Idle Royal Hero: Merge Defense


Your adventure will be unique every time, changing the time of day, changing weather conditions. The adventure will be truly epic!

Experience our new vision of the Idle Merge Defense game, without energy and without internet connection!

Idle Royal Hero: Merge Defense

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