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Idle Siege – Epic War Simulator

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Siege (by Ludigames)

You are the mighty Warlord sent to test your mettle against the Unconquerable Islands. To conquer the impossible, you will need to make critical strategic decisions in order to tear down their defenses.

But don’t sweat it! Once you’ve planned the attack your troops will work night and day, attacking the enemy fortress and gathering resources even when you’re asleep. So strike up the drums and march your army to war in this engaging military tycoon game!

Choose Your Strategy
Train the right troops, assign cunning commanders, and tactically arrange your military formation to win each battle. You’ll need to experiment with different combinations to find the perfect siege strategy to tear down the defense towers of every fortress and castle that stands in your way.

Idle Siege - Epic War Simulator

Gather Mighty Commanders
Unlock epic warriors, knights, heroes and kings such as Genghis Khan and Robin Hood to turn the tide of battle. Use their unique war abilities to make your troops even stronger and cut through the defense of each stronghold like a flaming sword through butter.

Idle Siege - Epic War Simulator

Manage Your War Camp
Build up a base and upgrade military installations to house your army, upgrade knight, king, and crusader units among others. Act like a real tycoon manager. Set up a steady income of gold and allocate resources carefully to speed up your sieges and conquests.

Idle Siege - Epic War Simulator

Use Different Army Types
One castle may require an army of raiders and sharpshooters to conquer. Another may require cannon, knight, and barbarian assaults. Whatever your tactic, you’ll need to earn gold to unlock more advanced military technology, so you can fuel your conquest with an army of devastating siege engines.

Idle Siege - Epic War Simulator

Revel in their Ruin
Witness how your crusader, king, and knight legion conquers bases, towers, castles and strongholds. Lead epic conquests against the Unconquerable Islands using all your idle tycoon game strategies.

Idle Siege - Epic War Simulator

A Real War Simulator
As this is an idle tycoon game, you should pay attention to your gold income. Complete contracts by capturing towers and castles to upgrade knights and raise an impressive army to break defense lines and conquer fortresses.

If you like idle and tycoon games, you will definitely enjoy Idle Siege. Stress-free idle gameplay combined with tycoon strategy game depth will immerse you in the remarkable world where brave warriors siege castles and towers and crush defenses of the Unconquerable Islands. Transform your tiny troops into epic legions and unlock military inventions by earning gold for each glorious conquest. This battle simulator will unlock your tycoon management and strategy thinking skills, and you’ll become an ultimate conqueror in no time!

Available: Google Play – US

Idle Siege - Epic War Simulator
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