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Idle Summoners: Legend AFK War

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The description of Idle Summoners: Legend AFK War

Exquisite game painting style, relaxed leisure gameplay, lead your super hero team and create a new legend!

Starter’s Bonus, Heroes Assemble, Free Package, 7th Landing, Monthly Event, Community Carnival, massive welfare are waiting for you.
Relic Stele, Soul Tree, Singularity Altar, Hero Tavern, Cloning Lab, Hero Expedition, Dead Forest, Legend Arena, Machinery Factory, Quantum Ocean, War Machine, dozens of game play and so on.

STRATEGY, Line up and auto-battle
Set up your heroes with strategy in 9 cell layout. Auto-battle in turn-based 5v5 battlefield. Accumulate rewards when you are offline. Easy to enjoy the fantasy adventure!

Idle Summoners: Legend AFK War

CLONING, Upgrade and share levels
The clone program starts, only 5 heroes need to be trained, and other heroes can share the level by upgrading their qualities. Unlock more clone fields to make your hero upgrade easily.

Idle Summoners: Legend AFK War

MINE, Defeat enemy hunt treasures
Enter the Quantum Ocean, defeat opponents, occupy rare resource mines, collect and exchange rare parts, assemble and summon powerful war machines. Then gain the power to turn the tide and win the battle.

Idle Summoners: Legend AFK War

ARENA, Compete for glory
Unlock the advanced arena. Arrange three sets of offensive and defensive lineups, in the face of comparable opponents. Use strategies, defeat the rivals, improve your ranking and win the final prize.

MULTIVERSE, Challenge five camps
Collect five camps, legend, machinery, death, hero, anti-hero. Build advanced setups, challenge race tower and conquer 1000 layers!

Idle Summoners: Legend AFK War
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