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Idle Team – APK

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Team (by Giant Network)

“Idle Team” is an idle game with social and team experience, you will play the role of a warrior who participates in the monster hunting in a new continent.
In this new continent where monsters infest, you need to participate in the adventure of hunting monsters together with other warriors, liberate all areas of the new continent, as well as protect its stability and peace..

Idle Team

Game Features
[Auto battle, playing leisurely] New auto battle experience, one-click acceleration with double benefits. You can rest anytime you want, just place the auto battle then harvest double happiness.
[Extreme graphics, cool skills] Exquisite cartoon rendering with gorgeous skills, bring back the wonderful adventures of fantasy.
[Four people team up, cooperate to clear stages] Fight with friends around you, hunt bosses, meet challenges, and liberate the new continent.
[Fingertip strategy, brand new experience] Career selection, skill exchange, and equipment matching. Countless strategic choices are at your fingertips.

Idle Team

Developer’s Message
“Idle Team” carries our many expectations for idle games. We hope that you can find partners with similar interests here and take adventures together. You can also compete with other teams and enjoy the game process together.
We welcome all warriors, and hope that everyone can actively share the problems and ideas encountered with us.

Idle Team

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Idle Team
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