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Idle Weapon Forge: Iron Tycoon

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Weapon Forge: Iron Tycoon (by Angel Ñeco – NecoPlanet)


Accumulate golden gems to get the precious red gems. Once you get the red gems, you can use them to buy permanent upgrades:
– Increases blacksmith production
– Increases the production of buildings
– Increases worker production

With the golden gems you can buy and improve the blacksmith, the buildings, and the workers.

Idle Weapon Forge: Iron Tycoon

Every minute of play, a box with a reward will appear. Each box contains a surprise that you can choose from. By watching a video you can:
– Earn a red gem
– Duplicate production
– Double the production speed
– Auto Clicker

Idle Weapon Forge: Iron Tycoon

Use the blacksmith to get the first income. Once you have the first income, you can unlock the first building, which will work automatically.

The more red gems you get, the faster you will climb the Google Play Ranking.

There are twelve achievements available to unlock.

Idle Weapon Forge: Iron Tycoon

Available languages:
– English
– Spanish
– Italian
– Portuguese
– French
– German
– Turkish

Idle Weapon Forge: Iron Tycoon
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