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Illusion Tales

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The description of 일루전테일즈 (by Archosaur Games)

This is a story about 10,000 BC!
Humans in the Stone Age learned the magic of the four elements of “earth, water, fire, and spirit” through the study of “Bible Stone Tablets,” a relic revered as a myth, and began to achieve rapid growth and prosperity through the power of magic. .
And due to geographical characteristics, seven prehistoric civilizations with different characteristics were born in mankind,
They lead a harmonious life with dinosaurs while achieving continuous prosperity based on their respective civilizations.
Curiosity about a new civilization stimulated the fantasy of many adventurers, and they begin to travel to a new continent!

Go on a journey to find your own paradise in Illusion Tales now!

Paradise World with a high degree of freedom
In Illusion Tales, you can freely move servers and explore the vast seven continents!
NPC-specific actions and character special events that change according to the weather and time that change in real time!
Enjoy a dream-like life in an adventure paradise with your friends or lovers.
Of course, you can enjoy everything for free!


Various battle-type pet friends
Join the battle as a companion through the pet growth system that changes according to your choices!
Each pet will have a unique combination of skills and abilities, and the battle will change, and expect a new look that has evolved through growth!
And don’t forget it’s super cute!


Attractive content
A battle that changes according to climate change during battle! Use advantageous element combinations and achieve victory with free job switching!
In addition to battles, you can own your own unique avatar through dance battles and character customization.
for a moment! When you need healing, enjoy hot spring bathing and fishing!


We invite you to this charming “Illusion Tales” paradise!
Don’t forget that admission is free!

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