IMBA: Battle Simulator Tycoon

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of IMBA: Battle Simulator Tycoon (by Game Veterans)

Welcome to IMBA – a new idle tycoon game with 1000 vs 1000 battles! Craft resources and upgrade your village!

Merge the fighters and choose your own unique battle strategy. Stand against the orcs and overcome them. Become a hero of the new strategy game!

Turn a forest village into a crowded kingdom!
Construct buildings and craft resources, even when you are offline.

IMBA: Battle Simulator Tycoon

Create your epic army!
With your help, a simple peasant can become an invincible warrior.

Develop a strategy!
The best swordsmen, archers and magicians will be your allies. Who will be able to repel the new attack of orcs?

IMBA: Battle Simulator Tycoon

Get ready to fight!
You have access to many combat formations. Find the perfect strategy for each battle.

Win massive battles!
Up to 1000 units can participate in PvP and PvE battles for territories at the same time.

IMBA: Battle Simulator Tycoon

And first of all – have fun!
Cozy gameplay and short game sessions are waiting for you. Craft resources in Idle mode, even when you are offline!

Do you like casual idle tycoon games? IMBA is designed especially for you. The new tycoon set in a fantasy world will not remain you indifferent. Start playing right now!

IMBA: Battle Simulator Tycoon

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