Immortal Awakened

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💡Platform – Android

The description of 不朽覺醒 (by G妹遊戲)

When the angels fell, the demon king revived, the world fell into darkness again. You will be transformed into an awakened person, with the mission of saving human civilization, and start a journey of salvation with your companions on the top of the North!

Career Choice – Heroes Awaken and Assemble to Fight
Barbarian / Demon Hunter / Wizard / Necromancer, the four classic occupations are fully assembled!
Explore the secrets of the dark attack, become an awakener, and protect your dark memory!


Equipment is fun – entry identification of divine equipment possession
The dungeon spawns monsters to drop equipment, and the appraisal affix attribute is doubled! Koi possessed, combat power UP!
Advanced equipment retains the original top-quality attributes, good luck continues, and cultivate magical equipment SO EASY!


Magic pet is easy to catch – evolve to develop the mutation of the European emperor
Magic pets can not only be drawn, but also can be caught in the next instance, evolved and cultivated, and go on the road of expedition together!
Possessed by the European Emperor, one-click triggers the mutation of the magic pet, and easily develops the best combat power!


BOSS is easy to fight – 10,000 people grabbing monsters to bring it
Kill bosses to get rare equipment, fight wild bosses, and earn super high profits!
Super high degree of freedom to snatch the BOSS, assemble your team, the BOSS of the Legion War, and the coolness of fighting monsters is super max!


Trading is profitable – free trading net worth over 100 million
Fight monsters to get magical outfits and auction diamonds. Put your props in the auction house, and you can get diamonds without kryptonite!
There is no limit to the transaction price, and the market supply and demand are determined by you. Realize the real pricing at will, buy and sell at will!

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