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The description of Immortal Chaos (by YUEYOO GAMES)

A war between gods and demons broke out a thousand years ago. Jadeon Tome, the heavenly book, was then broken into pieces and scattered in the world, allowing mortals a chance to learn the knowledge it held. More than a thousand years have passed, and a genius swordmancer achieved perfection in studying the tome skills, but only to find that everything was but a lie – Jadeon Tome was scattered throughout the world by the gods and demons, with the purpose of training mortals into their puppets. Swordmancer was stunned by the truth and nearly went insane before a lady lent him a helping hand. What will happen next?

Legendary Heroes
The clash of legendary heroes. Pick your favorite character to embark on your journey in this otherworld!

Immortal Chaos

Choose Your Side
Join the Immortal faction that upholds order and justice, or the Demon faction that craves chaos and destruction? It all depends on you.

Divine Weapons
The appearance of each divine artifact will bring a storm of violence and blood. Only the strongest can claim it!

Immortal Chaos

Primitive Beasts
Each of the strange beasts in the myth book – Classic of Mountains and Seas has the power to bring destruction to the world. Slay them with your teammates for rich rewards!

Otherworldly Romance
Love is predestined. You’ll find that person who has been waiting for you somewhere in this chaotic world.

Immortal Chaos

Companionship of Pets
It’s a long way to go, and it’s better to have a pet accompanying you to go through the hard times.

Icon Immortal Chaos

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