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Immortal Slayer Idle

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Immortal Slayer Idle (by Dreamplay Games)

Raise “Van Helen,” survivor of the Van Helsing clan, and fight against vampires and their kin!
Defeat Lilith, the Queen of Nightmares, and save this world!

Game Features
Idle RPG where you can grow quickly and easily, just by being idle!
– Level up rapidly with the growth system that allows you to become stronger just by breathing, without boundaries between online and offline

Immortal Slayer Idle

Exhilarating action using a Gun Blade, a weapon that combines the best of a gun and a blade!
– Wipe out the enemies with Gun Blades combined with legendary weapons like Pistol and Excalibur!
– Feel the intense and exhilarating action of both weapon types, Blade and Pistol!

Immortal Slayer Idle

Growth system where everything drives your growth!
– Everything from Servants (Pets), to Holy Relics, Promotions, Skins, and more are all connected to the character’s growth!

Immortal Slayer Idle

Strategic action using various skills!
– Skill effect that becomes fancier as you grow!

Various dungeons and vampire kin to beat!
– Break through the dungeon by defeating vampire kin like the royal vampire “Guima,” Slime, Zombie, Werewolf, Witch, Reaper, and more!

Immortal Slayer Idle

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