Indus Battle Royale

Pre-registration – Open – Android

💡 Platform – Android | iOS (Coming soon)

The description of Indus Battle Royale (by SuperGaming SG)

Drop onto the mysterious island of Virlok on the fabled planet, Indus. Your mission is to survive and portal out with the coveted element, Cosmium. You will find and use unique weapons, gear, and consumables to fight in an ever-shrinking battleground while navigating this brand-new universe

Next Gen Gunplay
Crafted and optimized for mobile devices, From sniper rifles to hand cannons, there’s a gun for everyone. The gunplay is designed to deliver the most authentic gunplay and experience in its space. Indus’ guns are designed to feel great to shoot & as brutal to be shot at.

Indus Battle Royale

Pick your Paragon aka Skins
From the mysterious Sir-Taj to the powerful Big-Gaj, each of Indus’ Paragons aka character skins allow you to express yourself in different ways with distinct emotes, letting you dominate the battlefield in a style and personality that’s solely yours.

Indus Battle Royale

Dive into Virlok
Dive into Virlok like a hero. Fight through the Ancient Ruins, snipe down your foes from the heights of Jatayu Central, or have a showdown at the Arches of Virlok, this battle royale map has limitless possibilities for victory and valor.

Indus Battle Royale

Collect Cosmium
The most valuable resource in the galaxy and the reason why you are on Indus. Tasked by COVEN to retrieve Cosmium, you, Mythwalker, are on this quest for glory and riches on this mysterious planet. Cosmium is a unique substance that manifests itself as the battle wears on. Find it and win the game instantly. Sometimes victory doesn’t wait for the last man standing.

Indus Battle Royale

Explore and Unravel the Mystery of Indus
Indus is a now mysterious planet that was famous across the galaxy. However, it’s been thousands of years since now it lies silent and forgotten. And that’s where you come in. Explore and discover what happened to a once glorious planet and piece together the story of Indus.

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Indus Battle Royale

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