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Infinite Drive – NFT

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(TestFlight)

The description of Infinite Drive (by The Tiny Digital Factory)

Infinite Drive is a mobile racing game built for Driving fans and Car enthusiast. In Infinite Drive you can drive real licenced cars from over dozens of real cars manufacturer. Visit you garage and look at your beautiful collection or choose one and go for a ride in the time attack mod.
You goal, be the best and faster driver on the Planet.
Infinite Drive includes:

Infinite Drive - NFT
Infinite Drive - NFT
Infinite Drive - NFT
Infinite Drive - NFT

-Out of this world graphic on a mobile device
-Very realistic track where every move counts
-Realistic car statistic, each car is different
-A very competitive time attack mode when you will be able to compare your score with all the Infinite Drivers arounds the world.

Official website

Infinite Drive - NFT
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