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Infiniti Star M (Kr)

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The description of Infiniti Star M

In 2828, the era when the goal was to mechanize all living things for strong military power!
Numerous beautiful girls were forcibly confined for human weapons experiments.

A few beautiful girls who risked their lives and escaped the lab…
The struggle for freedom begins with a new force!

The desperate screams of the girls being tested…
Mystery Beautiful Girl Cruelty MORGP Infinity Star M


High quality beautiful girl character!
-The appearance of a co-quality 2D-based beautiful girl unchanged even in in-game!
-The charm of a beautiful girl upgraded with weapon and character customization!
-Beautiful girl’s reverse point equipped with 6 attributes and passive skills!


Emotional action of belt scroll!
-The feeling of belt scrolling in those days with colorful graphics and different concepts!
-The tension of the action of a unique girl with rapid development!

Rich and fun-filled content!
-Clear the dungeon / dispatch / stage with the beautiful girls!
-Challenge ranking for the top with beautiful girls!

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