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Infinity Conflict

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The description of Infinity Conflict

“Infinite Conflict” is an ARPG hardcore action game with beautiful visuals. Here we are going to be the commander, breaking through the shackles of time and space, heading to unknown territory, looking for the last artifact, and fighting the raging demons with Heroes of this wonderful land.
–Subtle 3D View rendering
–Epic Story and various Heroes
–Nice feedback on control
–Intense fighting experience
–Element based combo system
……More features are looking forward to your exploration!
“This piece of land called the Eternal Continent”
“Once used as the abode of God, and human beings as God’s creation”
“Granted the right to use magic, but humans started a civil war due to greed”

Infinity Conflict

“God is tired of all this and created the apostle who punishes mankind, that is, the Demons…”
“Under the powerful power of the Demons, humans have no power to fight back, but the gods also leave hope!”
“Six Artifacts created by the creation magic stone! The only remaining humans defeated the demon troops and sealed the Demon King with the power of the Artifact…”

Infinity Conflict

“The Chronicle of Creation” Chapter 1 · The Battle of the Red Moon

Light cannot walk alone, and darkness is not alone too
The ancient legends may be not stories that people chant
The real danger has been quietly lurking beside us

Infinity Conflict

The strange behavior of the king, the princess who suddenly disappeared…
The arrested knights, the increasingly rampant demons…

Infinity Conflict

Is there any necessary connection between them?
What happened in the peaceful and peaceful kingdom?
And all this can only be revealed by you!

Infinity Conflict
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