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Infinity Legends:idle RPG

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Infinity Legends (by Patrick Er)

Infinity Legends: Idle RPG is an AFK action RPG.
As a survivor of Ragnarok, you embark on a journey to various mythical realms to seek the truth behind the unfurling chaos.

Multiple Mythological Character Cards
Many well-known mythological figures are available as playable characters, with awesome graphics to compliment their designs.

Infinity Legends:idle RPG

AFK System
Easily train heroes and collect resources while leaving your game idle. A few minutes is all you need to experience a wholesome adventure!

Infinity Legends:idle RPG

Various Game Modes
Infinity Legends: Idle RPG contains a fusion of various game modes such as roguelike, battle arenas, quest triggers, and infinite stage elements.

Infinity Legends:idle RPG

Strategic Battles
5 Heroes on the field will automatically fight enemy targets. Create teams based on the enemies you face!
A sixth Hero can also be added to the squad as support to lead your team towards victory!

Infinity Legends:idle RPG
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