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Invoker Global

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The description of Invoker Global

On the land of Tyral, multiple races formed three Factions. Ambitious leaders dominate their people and wage wars against each other, making the land of Tyral a bloodbowl and under chaos. On seeing this, the Guardian Angel summons the Time Gate and brings you back to the land of Tyral.

The Guardian Angel says only those who have undergone numerous wars and the rise and fall of civilizations can save the ancient land. As the future generation of Summoners, you have lost your homeland yet now wields the power to summon everything. Now, you shall perform your magic, let the Heroic Spirits and Leviathans obey your orders and guard the land of Tyral!

Game Traits
The scramble of Tyral and the mystery of summoner power intersect and develop to epic heroic tales. As a perfect combination of strategic cards and adventurous RPG, the game has over 200 heroic chapters, along with Relic Explorations, Throne Battles, Civil Wars. An epic Summoner journey awaits!

Invoker Global

Summon Powerful Heroes
Thor, Pandora, Dracula… Over 80 legendary Heroes can be unlocked during your adventures. These heroes have Well-touched portraits with various styles, from animated to realistic. You shall perform magic to forge gears, fight for epic weapons, increase special skills, in order to build the strongest Hero battalion!

Invoker Global

Train Your Leviathan
Can you tame the over 20 kinds of legendary monsters from ancient times? Cerberus, Griffon, Hydra… Summon them to greatly increase your power! Note: if wrong Elements are implemented or wrong Leviathans are summoned, you might be consumed…

Invoker Global

3D Roguelike Map
Tired of repetitive dungeons? Come and try out Roguelike adventures. You can Explore the vast world under the fog of war, unlock mysterious treasures with abundant rewards and encounter your friends or rivals along the journey.

Invoker Global

A High Level of Freedom and Tactics
It is impossible to go through your adventures with one single tactic. Each faction you born into has different buildings and troops types. You shall develop unique technologies, train troops to counter your opponent, set Hero formation at will. In this way, you will be able to conquer other Factions and unify the land of Tyral!

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Invoker Global
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