Iron Tanks : World War


Official Launch

Tanks?!! Commanders?!!
Choose what and who you want to use in this strategic tank war game!

Command and conquer the world with your own strategies and formations!

Iron Tanks : World War

Form Legions to Conquer the World!
Make friends and create Legions with them to prepare yourself for the war to come! Many Legions will fight to become the dominant force of the world, but only 1 will rise as the king. Take over resource points and expand your territory! Do not settle until everything is yours!

Iron Tanks : World War

Classic Tank Battle
The tanks that appear in-game have been designed following the actual blueprints of real tanks. The famous Tiger tank, T34/85, Sherman, and many more! Not only this, but there are also special tanks that have SF gimmicks applied to them! See for yourself and own them to become a master tank commander!

Iron Tanks : World War

Commanders Assemble!
Meet the famous generals of the Second World War and place them in the tank of your liking! Then roll out to replay historic events with a little twist of fiction! Everyone from MacArthur to Zhukov will join you on your crusade to defeat the enemy!

Meet famous events of the Second World War
And relive them within the game!


March 18, 2020
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