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Isekai Samurai Cat Kawaii

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Isekai Samurai Cat Kawaii (by lnwLab Studio)

I have read plenty of isekai novel and played a lot of gacha game which turn money to salt. But I never thought that I will have my own isekai adventure. sob ~ Why does a kawaii genius girl with a fragile doll body like myself have to be doing something like this. This must be that stupid Kami Neko doing.

Let’s create the legend of samurai cat warrior in the isekai. Train with your sword and fight with monsters from fantasy world. Challenge the dungeon bosses. Find the recipe of the legendary katana. Open the path toward new land in isekai, for going back to your own world meow ~

Isekai Samurai Cat Kawaii

Game Features
– Chibi style adventure game
– 7 Sky islands
– Over 30 monsters and bosses
– Over 100 weapons, kanata and equipments for crafting
– Many Kawaii fashions are waiting to be your collection

Isekai Samurai Cat Kawaii

Battle System
– Easy and straight forward Turn-Based combat
– Choose a suitable skill for each situation
– Grow the gauge to defeat the bosses

Isekai Samurai Cat Kawaii

Merging System
– Merge and craft to obtain new items
– Your ordinary weapon can be upgraded to rival the legendary weapon
– Merging accessories, try your luck for the best option

Isekai Samurai Cat Kawaii
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