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Isla Sinaloa

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Isla Sinaloa (by ENSENA SOFT SA DE CV)

Isla Sinaloa is a relaxing game full of activities to enjoy on a peaceful island in a universe full of friendly animals

Isla Sinaloa
Isla Sinaloa
Isla Sinaloa

– Ride a dolphin and go up in a hot air balloon
– Explore labyrinths, underground temples, mines and volcanic caves
– Run a farm with crop management and cows and chickens
– 15+ mini-games including a food truck that you get to run
– Over 25 animal characters to get to know and become friends with
– Over 500+ items to collect and donate for island building exhibits
– Beautiful and vibrant zoo, museum and botanical gardens
– Customize your character with 100s of outfit and character combinations
– 100s of craftable items to decorate your island and home
– Many holidays are celebrated on your island
– You can share your island with your friends
– Full of love and little surprises!

Isla Sinaloa
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