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Island Adventure

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Island Adventure (by Colorful Tec)

A storm separates you from the expedition team and leaves you stranded on a deserted island…In order to survive, you must master the skills of mining, finding food, building shelter and more!
But you’re not alone on this island. With Monsters abound, you must defeat them to save your companions! It’s time to forge your island legend!

Game Features:
Build an Island of Your Own!
Explore this region to find all that you need to survive! Collect resources, plant crops and bring in the harvest!
Gather wood, collect stone and mine for ore. Expand and develop: build your house on the island! Survive at all costs!

Island Adventure

Hidden Dangers and Plentiful Rewards!
Danger lurks everywhere on the deserted island. Challenge monsters and search for treasure! The more you explore, the more you will find!

Casual Battle
Battle assistant helps busy gamers collect resources to grow stronger with ease.

Island Adventure

Customize Battle Strategy
Explore the island to rescue your stranded companions. Each companion provides a class to choose from. Become a warrior, archer or more. Arm yourself! Fight for glorious adventure!

Island Adventure
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