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Island M (KR)

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💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Island M (by Gamepub)

Based on the mystery exorcism fantasy “Ireland” webtoon of the combination of Yang Kyung-il and Yoon In-wan
Another original reborn!
Stylish Exodus Action Fantasy [Ireland M]

● Add [original] to the original! This is another original!
Another original that was developed by Yang Kyung-il, the original artist!
Not only the original worldview and story, but also a side story that can only be found in Island M!
Now go beyond the original story and enjoy the hidden behind-the-scenes story!


● Exorcists gathered to uncover the hidden secrets of Jeju!
Participate in original characters such as Won Miho, Ban, Johan, Serafina and superstring characters such as Neolithic courtesan!
And meet the original new characters unique to Island M.


● Various and powerful stylish action!
Each character’s unique ultimate skill! And a dedicated weapon!
Feel the more powerful and stylish exorcism action!


● A monster in the myth of the East and West!
Monsters from the east and the west, such as Jung Yeom-gwi, Gumiho, Benzulae and Nightmare appear!
100 million per animal! Defeat various monsters!


● Various contents that make use of the original feel!
: Island story and side story-based content’story mode’
:’Scout’ system to acquire island game characters
: Full 3D real-time based raid dungeon content’Bongmajeon’
: Daily content’Exodus Battle’ consisting of 4 modes of battle content
: Breakthrough battle content’Hell Island’ against boss monsters
: Content that can acquire major items’Search’

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