Jade Dragon 2 M (Th)


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The description:

Kao Suphatsara is the presenter of the Jade Dragon 2 M, the ultimate turn-base rpg game of the year 2020.

Jade 2 M, adapted from the classic Is a turn-based mobile RPG that many people have been waiting for this year. Packed with familiar characters and plot, stunning 3D graphics, interesting modes and many outstanding gameplay.
Fun battles of warlords And cute pets that will become personal assistants Will also take players to the romantic love story of Jom Yut and Miss Liao Lai In which players will be able to create their own love myths as well The battle of friendship and fascinating love stories are waiting for you in the Jade Dragon 2 M

Jade Dragon 2 M

Impressive scene
Impressive scenes from the novel that are quoted on the mobile screen that will allow players to enjoy the world with 3D graphics beautiful and realistic in all aspects, whether the character scene, even the grass. As if alive Plus postures, tricks, various subjects That just saw will definitely miss the original

Friendship and love
Find friendship and love Which will allow you to wander the world of warfare without loneliness

Jade Dragon 2 M

Cute pet
Cute pet Whether it is eggs, chicks, chase scanners, thieves, thieves, cemeteries, pandas And many more, besides cute and cool Also comes with a special unique skill And do not be afraid of loneliness, because they will go out to surf the world with players anywhere, anytime as well

Jade Dragon 2 M

Full Thai dubbed audio
The game will come with a full Thai soundtrack. That definitely enhances the experience of playing for everyone

Many fighting modes to play without boring
Experience a variety of fierce battle modes, both single and team. You can also invite up to 10 intimate BOSS friends at the same time.

Jade Dragon 2 M

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