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Jail Break: Cops and Robbers


💡Platform – Android

The description of Jail Break (by June Gaming)

Jail Break is an online multiplayer game played with 4 to 5 players in a prison/jail. Each player is designated a private role as “Cops” or “Robbers”. Players can talk to each other via the in-built audio (voice) chat feature in the game.

This game also reminds us of our favorite childhood game,
It’s also called cops vs robbers or cops and robbers or chor police.

Jail Break: Cops and Robbers
Jail Break: Cops and Robbers

Prison eventually becomes a difficult place for the inmates to thrive in. The cops are brutal while performing their duty and keep a strict check on each and every inmate. The cops would have strict schedules and details about each inmate and paired them accordingly. The robbers on the other hand also kept a similar tab on their guardians too. Neither side would surrender and keep some pressure on the rival side for dominance. This led to more divide between the two groups, until one day when hell broke loose.
The robbers planned on taking down the prison and making their great escape. All of them were in this together and ready for this high stakes battle. The faithful night arrives and the robbers start to execute their plan at the right time when the cops are on break.
This is when the events of Jailbreak begins, Enter into a world of chaos and frenzy!

Jail Break: Cops and Robbers
Jail Break: Cops and Robbers

– The task of the Cops is to search and arrest all the robbers and send them back to prison by tagging them. Also, Cops have prevent captured robbers from escaping.
– The task of the Robber is to complete a Prison Break. Try to complete all the tasks and defeat the cops. At the same time the escaped robbers can rescue the inmates from the prison by tagging them without getting caught by the cops.

Either find yourself as the escapists and in the rush of completing all tasks while avoiding the cops.
Or plays at the law and run around to capture the outlaws that are lurking around for freedom.

Jail Break: Cops and Robbers

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