Jewel Hunter – Match 3 Adventure Puzzles


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Welcome to Jewel Hunter – An interesting and challenging match 3 puzzle game with a good story-line and many features.

Match lightning, blast, and jewels for bigger bonuses and combos. With easy to use controls, fun and friendly graphics, and many levels to play, this game is fun for the whole family! If you like any other match 3 style game, you will love Jewels Hunter. Try to get highest score at each level to digging to mania treasure.

Jewel Hunter - Match 3 Adventure Puzzles

☆ Numerous puzzles to play with variety of quest types
☆ A story of a hero rescuing animals and people by defeating evil monsters and their bosses
☆ Rescue minions to create amazing effects.
☆ Monsters of various types creating challenges for the players
☆ Boss fight requiring chaining multiple combos to defeat them.
☆ Big bonus for logging everyday with fantastic gifts

Jewel Hunter - Match 3 Adventure Puzzles

How to play:
☆ Match 3 or more jewels in a row to crush them.
☆ Match 3 jewels or trigger a special jewel near a trap to free minions.
☆ Defeating monsters by matching 3 jewels near them.
☆ Fight boss by chaining combos and getting a lot of score.
☆ In case level gets hard, use booster.
☆ The bomb can eliminate the jewels around.
☆ The energy can eliminate to any other colored.
☆ The timing can extend the playing time.
☆ 8 different diamond style and many special items (lightning blaze, blast bomb, colorful star, combo time…)
☆ Stunning graphics and effects , trap and boost items

Let’s play Jewels Hunter to relax and enjoy!

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