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Journey Of Abyss


The description of Journey Of Abyss

Journey of Abyss is an adventure game that combines compelling storytelling with Roguelike deckbuilding mechanics.

We hope to maintain a pure deckbuilding experience: no RPG-style upgrades, and no equipment upgrading. Build a unique deck for every playthrough, and defeat powerful enemies.

Journey Of Abyss

Four game modes are available for players to enjoy:
Story Mode – Here you can experience the world, following the main character on a bizarre journey, fighting to unravel the hidden truths of this world.

Journey Of Abyss

Abyssal Mode – In this game mode, you can fight your way through randomly generated levels and monster encounters. Select from multiple difficulties for a true challenge.

Weekly Challenges – Every Monday the format changes, providing a unique challenge for players to overcome. Earn points for successful completions. At the end of the week, the players with the highest scores will be awarded prizes.

Tower of Souls – A pure PvP playground. You won’t have access to your talent tree or any outside buffs, just you and a deck devised to defeat the competition. Challenge yourself and improve.If you enjoy challenging roguelike deck builders, and you’re tired of RPGs that call themselves “card games”, then we hope you enjoy Journey of Abyss.


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