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Kagakuen Gardens Paradise

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 女神楽園 ガーデス·パラダイス (by Asika Games)

Abandoned RPG that shakes the heart and the beauty goddess, pre-registration is now open!
Beautiful girl x neglect x training, welcome to your own paradise!

A girl shakes, along with your heart… A beautiful girl RPG that moves your heart in your spare time!
Meet unique goddesses and enjoy a pleasant trip to another world!

Live2D beautiful girl moving slimy
Equipped with Live2D! A pounding experience with a slimy moving girl
“Your heart will be healed, and you will shake with the girl…”
When you talk to it, it will show various reactions and movements
“Maybe I can see a side of you that you don’t usually see…?”

女神楽園 ガーデス·パラダイス

Unique beauty goddesses
Famous gods transformed into moe moe girls? !
Susanoo, Poseidon, Satan… Mythical All-Star Gathering
Thrilling encounters with unique goddesses

A cool high school girl, a cheeky little devil, an odd cat girl,
A grown-up mom, a sparkling idol, twins with opposite personalities…
“Meet your favorite type and create your own paradise

女神楽園 ガーデス·パラダイス

Easy operation & auto battle
Easy one-handed operation, can be played even in spare time
Advance the game smoothly and without stress
Super easy full auto battle
“You can enjoy watching the beautiful girls working hard.”
You can also save time with double speed and skip functions

女神楽園 ガーデス·パラダイス

The real thrill of idle play & training
The real pleasure of getting stronger every time you come back
“You can get various rewards just by leaving it for a while!”
“You can earn more and more items while you sleep…”
Increase the fighting power of the goddess with materials collected steadily!
“Let’s create an army of beautiful girls

Talented voice actors who breathe soul
Talented voice actors gather in the “Goddess World”!
Enjoy the performance that breathes soul into beautiful girls

“Every time I meet you, I feel honest joy
The lively shouts on the battlefield
The pounding that doesn’t stop with sudden contact
“The words hidden in my heart that only you can hear…

女神楽園 ガーデス·パラダイス

Recommended for people like this
・ Those who want to heal with a unique, beautiful girl
・ Those who want to play crisply and without stress
・ Those who want to collect, raise and grow beautiful girls every day
・ Those who want to play in a little gap time
・ Those who want to play easily with one hand operation
・ Those who are looking for a free and fun game

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

女神楽園 ガーデス·パラダイス
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