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Kairos (Kr)

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Kairos

Feel endless comfort!
Auto-growing, automatic wayfinding, automatic combat, and easy operation.
Let’s feel comfortable that even beginners who acquire experience can easily adapt!


Experience endless battles!
Unlimited action with numerous bosses, numerous fields and dungeons, and an endlessly high demonic tower.
Experience the battle!


Win an endless victory!
Duel, royal game, mine fight, federation battle, king battle, integrated server federation, etc.
Win small-scale wars from 1v1, 3v3 to large-scale wars such as federation vs. federation and server-to-server!


Start an endless voyage!
To strengthen and nurture your own ship to defeat pirates and bosses and acquire your own treasure
Start an endless voyage!

Make endless love!
Meet your lover, make love, marry and bear fruit, get 2 years old and achieve endless love!

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