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Kaminagashijima ~Rinne no Miko~

Official Launch – Japan + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of かみながしじま〜輪廻の巫女〜 (by LiTMUS Co., Ltd.)

LiTMUS x Aiming x Kodansha presents the asymmetrical online horror action game “Kaminagashijima ~Rinne no Miko~” (Kami Miko)!
UUUM’s exclusive creator “Hajime Shacho” participates in the development as the planning director of this work!

“Kami Nagashijima ~ Rinne no Miko ~” (Kami Miko) is an island closed by a special barrier, and is divided into and to fight.
avoids interference from and releases the barrier and aims to escape with his friends. By possessing and attacking the animals of the island, and by mutating into a huge and terrifying “manifestation” with tremendous power, are prevented from escaping from the island.


One day, the girls woke up

It was a cursed solitary island ruled by a “kami” called Hiruko.

While escaping from Hiruko who possesses the various animals that inhabit the island and attacks them.

They aim to escape from the island


Game content
“Kami Miko” is an asymmetric online horror action game with 1 Kami VS 4 people.

The player can choose or .

Escape from the cursed island


The children of and who oppose them are engraved with a curse mark by Hiruko’s power, and have acquired special abilities (skills).
Let’s cooperate with who has the best ability according to the approaching .


Items that help escape
On the island, there are weapons and recovery items that can counter Kami.
Explore the island and get the means to fight against .

Release multiple “barrier devices” on the cursed island and aim to escape from the cursed island.

Prevent escape from the cursed island


can possess “Wolves”, “Boars”, “Crows”, and “Divine Beasts” that inhabit the island, “Mimicry” that copies the appearance of the target , and is nearby. It has “sensing” that can grasp the position of , and “telekinetic” that can move rocks and trees on the island. When the power increases, it has the ability of “manifestation” that can mutate into a “manifestation body” that has tremendous power and is capable of powerful attacks.

Find and attack trying to escape, using the ability to prevent them from escaping from the cursed solitary island.

Scenario mode, where you face the memories (trauma) of children who have been engraved with a curse

In scenario mode, you can see the memories (traumas) they want to forget.
As you read and understand the scenario, the mystery of the cursed solitary island will also become clear…

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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