KartRider: Drift

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Windows, iOS

The description of KartRider: Drift (by NEXON Company)

Different Game Modes Based on Preference
Speed Mode: Feel the rush of speed as you gather boosts and fine-tune your drifting skills.
Item Mode: Collect unique items in chaotic and surprising races.
Whichever mode you choose, first place is waiting for you!

Various Characters and Karts
Encounter different KartRider characters and distinct karts.
Try out special outfits and emotes to bring out your personality
and speed down the track in a unique kart to cross the leaderboards in style.

Unlimited Customization – Livery
Flaunt your personality to your heart’s content in KartRider: Drift.
Design your very own kart with the livery system.
Take control by having the freedom to completely personalize your ride!

Themes and Tracks with Fun Concepts
Race through tracks with twisting curves, specialized challenges, and exotic locales.
From the scorching hot desert to the frozen road!
Enjoy the scenery as you race against vibrant and detailed backgrounds all rendered in high quality graphics.

Website: https://www.kartdrift.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/kartriderdrift

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/kartriderdrift


Nexon Launcher (PC)Download the Nexon Launcher


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