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Kaze no Fantasia

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 風のファンタジア (by Sunshine Games株式会社)

A full-fledged 3D exhilarating RPG that combines simple controls, strategic elements, and a story to defeat enemies by making full use of various skills!
Easy to play with the [Quick function] that allows you to skip quickly even when you don’t have time!

Smartphone first! User-managed participatory app
I want a character like this! I want a weapon like this! I want to be in charge of the voice of the character too!
A [smartphone first] user management participation type app game that reflects the voice of the user in the app as it is!
All users are game producers!


A large strategic battle of up to 40vs40
Equipped with spectacular guild battle content for up to 40 people per guild!
A large-scale guild battle aiming for the strongest by defeating the enemy guild by making full use of strategy!
Organize characters equipped with various skills and cooperate with friends to win various strategic elements!
Determine the compatibility with the enemy fighting with your friends and win the battle!

Attractive character voices by gorgeous voice actors
Yuki Kaji, Yuki Tai, Kaoru Sakura, and Ayana Taketatsu will appear!
In addition, many voice actors who have won voice actor auditions on each live distribution media will be appointed!
In addition, events such as guild battles with the voice actors who won the audition and exchanges with various contents will be held!


Quick function × leaving function to proceed smoothly
Even when you don’t have time, you can easily play with just tapping & skip quickly with a quick function that makes it easy to play!
Equipped with a leave function that allows you to receive rewards for the time you leave the game outside of play time!

Turn-based battle
Strategize with the unique character skills and gain an advantage in the battle situation!
The battle situation changes greatly depending on the characteristics of the enemy and which character’s skill you use!


Battle event
Many battle events such as stadiums and attribute battles will be held!
In addition to large guild battles, aim for the strongest in various battle contents!


Various enhancement systems
Ascertain the compatibility of the enemy, select the skills of various unique characters, and confront the formidable enemy! Infinite ways to fight!
Even formidable enemies that are hard to beat will lead you to victory with a wide variety of weapons and pets!
Full of training elements! Build the strongest team!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

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