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Kick The Mice

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Kick The Mice (by Candy Wings)

Funny how it all started. One day our team was chasing a mouse in their mind and the idea of the game Kick the Mice came from here. Now it’s time to introduce you to this cool and unique game!
We present to you Kick the Mice — it’s a first game in this format that you will definitely like to play. It’s a top interactive action game. The meaning of our game lies in that you can take a slipper and just kick the mouse. It’s a fun game to play when you are bored. And also you can let out your anger and be relieved of any stress. What will the players get from playing this game?
“Fun” is an obvious answer, but let’s go deeper than that. This game is the perfect way to test your instincts. Play this game, earn coins and by doing so, you can change the slippers and shoes, their color and choose which one you like the best. In this game we have attractive and funny sounds which can cheer you up. Also you can play through Facebook and see in the leaderboard which of your friends have beaten your record. Each level gives you more and more opportunities which makes your game extremely interesting and challenging to play.

Kick The Mice

The advantages of our game are as follows:
– Easy and fun to play.
– Available for all age groups.
– Perfect way to test your instincts.
– An anti-stress game.
– Sound effects, quite close to real.

Be careful, the floor is full of mice waiting for you around every corner! Don’t think a lot, because it will be more difficult to catch them.․․

Kick The Mice
Kick The Mice

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