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King Arthur Chronicle: AFK RPG

Official Launch(Global) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of King Arthur Chronicle: AFK RPG (by S&C Ent.Inc)

The legendary King, Arthur is reborn as an idle RPG.
Arthur, the hero of medieval legend! It’s a story of growth and adventures in his childhood.

Incremental idle system that fights and collects on its own even if you stand still.
It grows automatically even if you are not connected, and it grows faster if you just watch and level up by tapping on screen.
Even beginners can easily level up by tapping a few buttons.

킹아서 크로니클 : 방치형 키우기 RPG

Fast and colorful side-scrolling combat action
Create a party with up to 2 colleagues and enjoy speedy battles.
You can experience splendid and powerful battles without complex skill combinations.

킹아서 크로니클 : 방치형 키우기 RPG

Infinitely vast contents and rewards
Thousands of battle stages, dungeons and overwhelming contents await you, even with a huge number of monsters.
We provide endlessly hot rewards according to quests, achievements, and stage clearing.

킹아서 크로니클 : 방치형 키우기 RPG

Ranking competition with the community
Chat freely with other users through the chat function.
Don’t miss out on the thrilling PvP ranking competition!

Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

킹아서 크로니클 : 방치형 키우기 RPG
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