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King of Boundary

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The description of King of Boundary

Medieval epic fantasy theme
In the game, the western palace nurturing brings you a brand-new medieval historical plot, as well as various western role-playing experiences and the unique style of the ancient medieval society, which will also give you different experience effects. Various modes are here, open an empire, develop an army, and become the master of the empire!

Slaying the dragon battlefield, intense stimulation
The current version of “Shadow of throne” focuses on the Dragon’s Cave PVE gameplay. Players compete for the ownership of the boss drop in the copy, taking into account the PVP strategy gameplay.

Players can choose to help their allies clear the rest of the players to gain ownership, or they can defeat the owner and hold the reward in their own hands, or they can choose to retreat and look for opportunities in other rooms because we provide 3 dragon cave battlefields for players to choose.

King of Boundary

Making corresponding countermeasures in response to different battle conditions, relying on personal abilities or allies holding teams, is the key to affecting the outcome of the battle.

Rich subordinate system
Subordinate design: most of the TV series characters are restored in the game, including various abilities and attributes corresponding to their character characteristics, such as the brave and bloody, emotional northern wolf Xuenuo, the strong and brave horse king, and the clever, cunning and ambitious Petir and so on, let players build powerful subordinate troops in Westeros.

King of Boundary

Subordinate training: In the game, players can have multiple subordinates at the same time, and each subordinate can obtain multi-dimensional ability growth, such as level, force, intelligence, charm, politics and other attributes, so that subordinates can continue to grow with the battle. Improve the player’s sense of accomplishment.

Subordinate collocation: Players can cultivate subordinates in different fields, such as combat ability, economic benefits, etc., according to their subordinates’ attributes such as force, intelligence, charm, and politics, and can create a unique army with personal characteristics.

King of Boundary

Getting acquainted with confidantes and marriages
Hongyan system: still restored most of the TV show beauties, and the conditions for obtaining them are simple, most of the beauties only need to be randomly triggered by searching, and after meeting for many times, the beauties will give you a promise.

King of Boundary

Offspring system: There is a chance to give birth to offspring by favoring confidantes or random summons. After naming the offspring, you can start training. Using the vitality scroll can speed up the growth of the offspring and increase the player’s power value. Will be transferred to the marriage system for marriage.

Marriage system: Here players can marry their children through two methods: full-service proposal and private recruitment. Full-service proposal: select the desired object in the marriage proposal list to marry; private proposal: accurately find what you want by means of player ID and other methods To propose a marriage partner.

King of Boundary
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